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12-18-2020 Noninvasive fibrosis tests predict clinical, patient-reported outcomes in advanced NASH
10-05-2020 UPDATE 3-Virus-hunting trio wins Nobel for Hepatitis C discovery
10-05-2020 UPDATE 2-Virus-hunting trio wins Nobel for Hepatitis C discovery
10-05-2020 UPDATE 1-Virus-hunting trio wins Nobel for Hepatitis C discovery
10-05-2020 Virus-hunting trio wins Nobel for Hepatitis C discovery
09-16-2020 Gene-variant score helps predict risk of drug-induced liver injury
09-03-2020 Too much fructose disrupts intestinal barrier in mice, leading to liver damage
06-09-2020 Scientists make human mini-liver from induced pluripotent stem cells
04-29-2020 SARS and COVID-19 coronaviruses differ significantly in cell culture
04-24-2019 Whole exome sequencing shows promise in diagnosing unexplained liver disease
03-22-2018 E-cigarettes linked to fatty liver disease in mice
03-16-2018 Fibroblast growth factor analog shows promise in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
02-26-2018 Subthreshold newborn phototherapy limits readmissions for that treatment
02-19-2018 Gilead wins reversal of $2.54 bln hepatitis C drug patent verdict
02-09-2018 One in 10 adults meet criteria for functional dyspepsia
02-02-2018 Hep B reactivation common during direct-acting antiviral therapy for hep C
12-13-2017 Low-cost, handheld device reliably detects neonatal jaundice
11-23-2017 FDA scientists provide rationale behind Vosevi indications
11-13-2017 Nanotech, gene editing used to edit cholesterol gene
11-06-2017 Tolvaptan slows renal damage in advanced autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease
10-19-2017 Novel first-in-class agent shows promise in Wilson's disease
10-16-2017 Exelixis drug improves overall survival in liver cancer patients
10-06-2017 Updated algorithm for managing incidental liver lesions on CT
10-03-2017 Could fecal transplant improve insulin sensitivity?
09-27-2017 Which lab test best predicts auditory impairment in infant hyperbilirubinemia?
09-25-2017 Pigmentary changes common with targeted anticancer agents
09-18-2017 Costly drugs to weigh on U.S. employers' expenses in 2018 - survey
08-30-2017 Leukemia drug bosutinib shows promise for inherited kidney disease
08-17-2017 FDA approves Pfizer's drug for rare blood cancer
08-04-2017 Successful antiviral therapy may reduce hepatitis C-related portal hypertension
08-03-2017 FDA approves AbbVie's hepatitis C drug
07-20-2017 REFILE-Treating HCV may improve glycemic control in diabetics
07-19-2017 Treating HCV may improve glycemic control in diabetics
07-18-2017 FDA approves Gilead's drug for chronic hep C patients
07-05-2017 Endoscopic ultrasound accurately detects bile duct stones
06-30-2017 Sustained response to direct-acting HCV antivirals tied to lower HCC risk
06-29-2017 3D-printed specimen boxes aid explanted-liver sectioning
06-28-2017 Lower risk of hep C extrahepatic manifestations with sustained virological response
06-26-2017 Some cirrhosis deaths have moved out of the hospital
06-23-2017 Statins may curb progression of chronic liver disease
06-23-2017 Millions of children in Boko Haram-hit Lake Chad prey to disease as rains arrive
06-21-2017 Exposure to air pollution may shorten survival in liver cancer patients
06-19-2017 Protein-losing enteropathy due to abnormal lymph flow, treatable with embolization
06-16-2017 Statins safe in NASH
06-16-2017 More liver cancer deaths could be averted in the U.S.
06-15-2017 MELD exception points for hepatocellular carcinoma need reassessment
06-12-2017 Elbasvir-grazoprevir effective against HCV in chronic kidney disease
06-06-2017 WHO ranks antibiotics in a bid to counter drug resistance
06-06-2017 Hemorrhagic stroke risk increased in older cirrhosis patients
06-06-2017 Massive transfusion ratios may be less useful in nontrauma setting
05-25-2017 REFILE-Kids with psoriasis need regular comorbidity screening: experts
05-25-2017 Extracellular vesicles in bile promising biomarker for malignant biliary stenoses
05-25-2017 Red meat tied to higher risk of dying from many diseases
05-25-2017 Kids with psoriasis need regular comorbidity screening: experts
05-22-2017 Anticoagulant use linked to better PVT outcomes in cirrhosis patients
05-22-2017 Biologic psoriasis treatment tied to reactivation of chronic HBV
05-19-2017 Short course of HBIG plus long-term antivirals may prevent HBV reinfection after transplant
05-17-2017 Point-of-care HCV RNA test shows good accuracy
05-12-2017 Genetic marker may predict clinical recovery in advanced hep C cirrhosis
05-11-2017 U.S. hepatitis C cases soar on spike in heroin use
05-09-2017 Johnson and Johnson discloses U.S. probe related to arthritis drugs
05-08-2017 Very low seroconversion rates after occupational exposure to HCV or HIV in body fluids
05-05-2017 Chemo pump implant after resecting colorectal liver metastases improves survival
05-01-2017 Hepatitis C cure may open door to more kidney transplants
04-24-2017 8-week sofosbuvir-velpatasvir-voxilaprevir less effective for HCV
04-24-2017 NASH: The next untapped pharma market gives investors many options
04-24-2017 Canada recommends against testing everyone for hepatitis C
04-21-2017 WHO urges action over growing hepatitis epidemic
04-18-2017 Novartis advances with push on cancer and liver disease
04-17-2017 Cancer incidence differs between African- and U.S.-born blacks
04-14-2017 Younger donor age tied to better survival after living-donor liver transplant
04-12-2017 Moderate alcohol use could be safe with methotrexate for RA
04-03-2017 NAFLD recurs in most patients who undergo transplant for NASH
03-31-2017 Overweight, obese young men at increased risk of liver disease
03-29-2017 Worse waitlist and liver transplant outcomes for those ages 18 to 24
03-27-2017 Direct-acting antivirals effective for HCV-related mixed cryoglobulinemia
03-27-2017 Gilead hepatitis C drug patent faces European challenge
03-24-2017 Multidisciplinary care tied to improved liver cancer survival
03-23-2017 New score points to intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma outcome
03-23-2017 Increased mortality with moderate, severe hep C-related liver disease
03-21-2017 Several oral direct-acting agent regimens effective for HCV infection
03-03-2017 REFILE-Benefits of laparoscopic liver surgery for colorectal mets may decrease with age
03-03-2017 Benefits of laparoscopic liver surgery for colorectal mets may decrease with age
02-27-2017 Pioglitazone improves advanced liver disease even in nondiabetics
02-24-2017 Doppler probe-guided hemostasis improves outcomes in nonvariceal upper GI bleeding
02-23-2017 Less recurrent pancreatitis seen with adherence to cholecystectomy guidelines
02-21-2017 Genetic variant linked to risk of liver cancer after hep C eradication
02-21-2017 Fructose tied to advanced liver disease in children and teens
02-16-2017 Reoperation may be effective for some patients with Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
02-14-2017 Tool tells when to stop phototherapy for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia
02-07-2017 High rates of hepatocellular carcinoma after hepatitis C treatment
02-01-2017 Coaching helps give a voice to advanced cancer patients
01-30-2017 Plant derivatives inhibit hepatitis B virus entry
01-23-2017 Changing trends in liver transplant indications
01-18-2017 Chronic liver disease may boost risk of colorectal cancer
01-13-2017 U.S. veterans exposed to tainted water at Marine base to get benefits
01-11-2017 Liver cirrhosis tied to hepatocellular cancer recurrence
01-06-2017 Sorafenib survival effect in liver cancer may depend on HCV-status
10-24-2016 Liraglutide reduces liver fat content in type 2 diabetes
10-21-2016 Adjuvant chemo of questionable value in resected gallbladder cancer
10-12-2016 REFILE-Alpha-fetoprotein-expressing HCCs predict poorer transplant outcome
10-03-2016 In refractory ascites, TIPS with covered stents helps avoid transplant
09-28-2016 MRI with liver contrast edges ultrasound in spotting cancer
09-26-2016 Hepatitis C virus eradication tied to fewer complications in patients with cirrhosis
09-22-2016 PPI use tied to higher risk of hepatic encephalopathy in cirrhotic patients
09-20-2016 Allergan to buy Tobira in push for NASH treatments
08-23-2016 AHA sets limit on sugar for kids and teens
08-18-2016 Hepatitis B detected in surgical smoke emitted during laparoscopic surgery
08-16-2016 Infection, inflammation tied to higher suicide risk
08-15-2016 Newly developed photosensitizer safe in patients with solid malignancy
08-02-2016 Express Scripts says Valeant, Lilly, Bristol drugs to lack coverage
08-01-2016 Fatty liver disease increases kids' risk of diabetes
07-29-2016 Sofosbuvir-ribavirin works against HCV genotype 2 in real-world
07-14-2016 Primary sclerosing cholangitis common in long-term IBD patients
06-29-2016 CORRECTED-Hepatitis C core antigen tests accurately diagnose HCV infection
06-23-2016 Pioglitazone reverses nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in diabetes patients
06-23-2016 Overweight young men may face high liver disease risk later in life
06-03-2016 Indomethacin may curb pancreatitis after cholangiopancreatography
06-02-2016 Anticoagulant improves outcome of incidentally detected splanchnic vein thrombosis
05-31-2016 Burden of pricey hepatitis C drugs heaviest in eastern Europe
05-24-2016 Statins lower the risk of cirrhosis in chronic hepatitis B
05-24-2016 Liver donors may suffer long-term effects after donation
05-23-2016 Large studies link phototherapy to increase in childhood cancers
05-23-2016 Score predicts general surgical outcomes in chronic liver disease patients
05-20-2016 China slashes GSK, AstraZeneca drug prices in cost-cutting drive
05-18-2016 More physical activity linked to less risk for cancer
05-13-2016 Hep B surface antigen clearance may not lower HCC risk
05-12-2016 Death after surgery three times more likely in lower-income countries
05-09-2016 Care for elderly after major surgery takes mental, physical preparation
04-29-2016 Gluten-free diet may not influence immune-mediated diseases in celiac disease
04-27-2016 Treatment responses remain poor in IgM light-chain amyloidosis
04-22-2016 Pediatric liver transplant patients have good long-term survival
04-20-2016 Colorectal cancer, liver metastases can be resected simultaneously
04-15-2016 Portal vein embolization extends indications for hemihepatectomy in liver cancer patients
04-15-2016 EU extends safety review of chronic hep C treatments
04-11-2016 Statin use may protect against NASH, fibrosis in NAFLD
04-06-2016 Baby boomers often unaware they need hepatitis C screening
04-01-2016 Mycophenolate mofetil may be effective for autoimmune hepatitis
03-25-2016 Gilead ordered to pay Merck $200 mln in hepatitis C drug patent dispute
03-23-2016 Covert cognitive deficit before liver shunt placement predicts hepatic encephalopathy
02-22-2016 Fatty liver adds to cardiovascular risk in obese type 2 diabetics
02-17-2016 Regulus hep C combo drug effective in mid-stage study
02-16-2016 FDA expands use of Gilead's liver drug to rare subset of patients
02-12-2016 Hepatitis C virus relapse uncommon after sustained virological response
02-11-2016 Antithyroid drugs should be avoided early in pregnancy: study
02-09-2016 Defibrotide promising for stem cell transplant complication
02-08-2016 Most babies born to HCV-positive women don't get tested for virus
01-19-2016 Anti-HCV drugs interact with evening dosing of HIV-1 protease inhibitors
01-14-2016 Early paracentesis, diuretics improve ascites outcomes
01-11-2016 Daily sugary drinks tied to increased visceral fat
01-08-2016 In binge Britain, health chiefs say any alcohol is risky
01-07-2016 J&J signs deal with Chinese company for hepatitis B drug
01-06-2016 Fibrin sealant patch provides better hemostasis during liver resection
01-05-2016 Gilead's hep B drug as effective as Viread but safer
12-24-2015 India adds more cancer, HIV/AIDS drugs to essential medicines list
12-22-2015 Proton beam therapy improves local control in liver cancer
12-21-2015 Combined approach protects infants from HBV transmission by liver transplant
12-18-2015 FDA postpones decision on Intercept's lead liver drug
12-17-2015 Can imaging replace liver biopsy for NASH diagnosis?
12-16-2015 Short-term outcomes favor laparoscopic over open liver resection
10-23-2015 Grazoprevir-elbasvir effective for hepatitis C in advanced chronic kidney disease
10-22-2015 FDA warns of serious liver injury risk with AbbVie hep C drugs
10-07-2015 Isoprene in exhaled breath may be an option for diagnosing fibrosis in liver disease
10-05-2015 MELD score tied to survival in trauma patients with liver disease
10-05-2015 Long-term steroids safe after transplant for autoimmune hepatitis
09-28-2015 Liver cirrhosis treatment may curb cerebral edema
09-23-2015 Portal vein embolization leads to liver growth before resection of hamartoma
09-18-2015 Similar results after liver transplant with old and young DCD grafts
09-16-2015 Filtered sunlight treats hyperbilirubinemia in resource-poor Nigeria
09-04-2015 Test differentiates insulinoma from diffuse nesidioblastosis
09-02-2015 Liver transplant "excellent" option for kids with liver tumors
08-28-2015 Hepatic resection may be best for some multifocal liver tumors
08-21-2015 Targeting kidney injury, fluid loss, and electrolytes may reduce Ebola deaths
08-19-2015 HIV providers less likely to screen for liver cancer than hepatologists
08-12-2015 Cirrhosis underdiagnosed and underdocumented in patients with hepatitis C
07-24-2015 AbbVie gets FDA approval for Hep C combination therapy
07-23-2015 Evidence lacking for tests for psoriasis patients using biologic agents
07-17-2015 Americans want Medicare to help negotiate down drug prices -poll
07-07-2015 Enzyme test may predict PCI contrast-induced nephropathy
06-29-2015 State restrictions for hepatitis C drug may go too far
06-19-2015 China rejects patent linked to Gilead hepatitis C drug
06-08-2015 Lilly insulin tops Sanofi's Lantus in trials; liver issue persists
06-05-2015 Quadruple anti-HCV regimen highly effective in HCV/HIV coinfected individuals
06-04-2015 Metformin may lower risk of glaucoma in elderly
05-28-2015 New drugs from Bristol, Merck at forefront of cancer meeting
05-27-2015 GlobeImmune, Gilead hepatitis B drug fails in mid-stage study
05-27-2015 Bridge therapy increases bleeding rates after invasive procedures
05-22-2015 Deceased donors with HIV could extend organ pool
05-22-2015 Localized amyloidosis carries low risk of progression to systemic disease
05-20-2015 Gilead patents on costly hepatitis C drug challenged in 5 countries
05-18-2015 Pricey new hepatitis C drugs could yield economic benefits
05-13-2015 Tenofovir monotherapy effective for entecavir-resistant HBV
04-22-2015 Gilead uses Georgia as free-drug testbed for hep C elimination
04-22-2015 Livers from donors after cardiac death offer alternative
04-22-2015 Liver cirrhosis linked to coronary abnormalities
04-22-2015 Recommended treatments for alcoholic hepatitis "fail to keep patients alive"
04-22-2015 REFILE-Recommended treatments for alcoholic hepatitis "fail to keep patients alive"
04-20-2015 Hepatitis B vertical transmission rates leave room for improvement
04-14-2015 U.S. prescription drug spending rose 13 pct in 2014-IMS report
04-07-2015 Eliglustat effective for maintaining stable Gaucher's disease type 1
04-07-2015 Conditional survival provides better estimate of cholangiocarcinoma prognosis
04-06-2015 Remove financial barriers to organ donation, experts say
04-02-2015 SPECIAL REPORT-Why Brazil has a big appetite for banned pesticides
03-27-2015 Intercept takes lead for new liver drug after Genfit stumbles
03-26-2015 Genfit to conduct large liver drug trial despite setback
03-26-2015 Conatus Pharma's liver drug succeeds in mid-stage study, shares soar
03-25-2015 Britain's Cameron apologises over infected blood in 70s, 80s
03-24-2015 Lack of insurance bars some from hepatitis C treatment
03-24-2015 Kidney transplant success varies with HIV and HCV co-infection
03-13-2015 Statin use tied to lower liver cancer risk
03-12-2015 FDA to review re-submitted Bristol-Myers hepatitis C drug
03-06-2015 Ohio State to require vaccinations for incoming students
02-19-2015 U.S. cancer survival rates improving
02-10-2015 Gilead faces challenge to European patent on pricey hep C drug
02-09-2015 Achillion, Gilead drug cocktail cures hepatitis C in six weeks
02-03-2015 Catamaran backs Gilead's hepatitis C treatment over AbbVie competitor
02-02-2015 Timely initial well-baby visits reduce hospital readmissions
01-29-2015 New fund eases expenses for organ donors
01-27-2015 Quest in broad deal with CDC for hepatitis analysis
01-26-2015 PBM EnvisionRx chooses Gilead hepatitis C drugs for its formulary
01-26-2015 FDA approves iron replacement drug
01-22-2015 New nomogram accurately predicts hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence
01-21-2015 Transcutaneous bilirubin may suffice for neonate jaundice test
01-15-2015 Fish oil may reverse neonatal nutritional cholestasis
01-14-2015 India rejects Gilead's Hepatitis C drug patent request
01-09-2015 Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt does not improve colectomy outcomes
01-06-2015 Binge drinking most likely to kill middle-aged Americans, CDC says
01-05-2015 CVS to cover Gilead hepatitis C treatment over AbbVie regimen
01-05-2015 Cempra's lead oral antibiotic meets main goal in late-stage trial
12-30-2014 Hangover cure is elusive but symptom relief fizzles and flows
12-22-2014 Increased risk of adverse events with clarithromycin-statin combinations
12-19-2014 Simple calculation assesses liver function in hepatocellular carcinoma
12-18-2014 Global population living six years longer than in 1990: study
12-17-2014 Diffusion-weighted imaging detects GI cancer without radiation
11-26-2014 FDA declines to approve Bristol-Myers hepatitis drug
11-21-2014 Europe gives green light to AbbVie hepatitis C medicine, others
11-20-2014 Herbal remedy shows early promise as HCV prophylaxis
11-19-2014 Gene therapy found effective in hemophilia B
11-05-2014 GSK hepatitis C shot shows promise, bodes well for Ebola vaccines
10-30-2014 Individual genetic differences may affect Ebola survival - study
10-06-2014 Researchers grow liver cells from tonsil-derived stem cells on 3-D scaffold
09-22-2014 Liver injury from herbals and dietary supplements may be rising in some parts of US
09-17-2014 Dysfunctional T cells in hepatitis fail to induce transcription factor
09-12-2014 New drug shows promise against anemia of inflammation
09-03-2014 New index helps predict course of early HCV cirrhosis
03-04-2014 For his next act, Craig Venter takes on human aging
03-04-2014 Serine protease inhibitor may predict infection in acute liver failure


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