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11-25-2020 Patients cured of HCV still at high liver-cancer risk
09-12-2018 Bayer adds label warning to stomach relief drops
04-24-2018 REFILE-Almost 300 million worldwide may be infected with HBV
04-03-2018 Almost 300 million worldwide may be infected with HBV
12-05-2014 Pakistani blood transfusions spreading hepatitis, HIV: official
11-28-2014 Many IBD patients don't get hepatitis B vaccine: US study
11-28-2014 REFILE-Many IBD patients don't get hepatitis B vaccine: US study
11-27-2014 Colon neoplasia more common in UC-PSC than Crohn's-PSC
11-26-2014 Celiac disease showing up in many forms and at all ages
11-24-2014 Vitamin D, mortality may be linked in non-cirrhotic alcoholics
11-21-2014 Most heavy drinkers are not alcoholics, U.S. study finds
11-20-2014 France pegs Gilead hepatitis C drug at "lowest price in Europe"
11-11-2014 Sustained viral response to HCV meds bodes well for long-term survival
11-11-2014 Gilead hepatitis C drug highly effective in cirrhosis patients
11-10-2014 Merck four-week hep C regimen with Gilead's Sovaldi comes up short
11-06-2014 High-risk coronary plaque linked to common liver disease
10-27-2014 Maintenance opioid agonists protect against HCV in injection drug users
10-21-2014 Giving pricey hepatitis drug to prisoners may be financially wise
10-21-2014 REFILE-Giving pricey hepatitis drug to prisoners may be financially wise
10-15-2014 Unsaturated fats might offset heart risk from weight gain
09-15-2014 Gilead signs hepatitis C pact to cut drug cost for poor
09-03-2014 Even if you build a toilet, they may not come - water expert
09-01-2014 Increasing rates of acute hepatitis C infection among young Americans
08-28-2014 U.S. infant vaccination rates high, timeliness a concern -CDC
08-14-2014 Rifamycin-containing regimens may be preferable in latent tuberculosis
08-04-2014 U.S. hepatitis C burden may ease in coming decades: study
07-30-2014 Novartis drug clears malaria parasite in phase II study
05-08-2014 One billion people still defecate in public despite health risks-UN
04-18-2014 West African Ebola outbreak caused by new strain of disease: study
04-09-2014 WHO joins clamor to make new hepatitis C pills affordable
04-08-2014 Gilead aims to license hepatitis C drug to 3-4 Indian firms
04-02-2014 Costs to public of $84,000 hep C drug 'outrageous' - Kaiser
04-02-2014 Costs to public of $84,000 hep C drug 'outrageous' - Kaiser
03-13-2014 NY hospital warns patients of possible HIV, hepatitis exposure
03-04-2014 Passion for vodka kills Russian men in their 50s
01-07-2014 Most U.S. doctors fail to discuss alcohol with patients
01-03-2014 China says child deaths not linked to hepatitis vaccine
12-27-2013 Single injection of liposomal amphotericin cures visceral leishmaniasis
12-23-2013 China investigates after vaccine suspected in seven deaths
12-16-2013 Fight for cheap drugs shifts from AIDS to new hepatitis pills


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