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12-30-2020 ALBI likely bests MELD-Na for outcomes prediction across a wide range of surgeries
12-21-2020 Polygenic score pinpoints people most at risk of cirrhosis
12-15-2020 USPSTF reaffirms advice on HBV screening in high-risk individuals
11-20-2020 Even mild NAFLD associated with higher mortality
11-19-2020 NAFLD prevalence rising among children but many undiagnosed
11-17-2020 Metabolic disease linked to instability of the gut microbiome
11-17-2020 Burden of cirrhosis increasing in women
11-16-2020 No survival differences with open or laparoscopic surgery for liver metastases
11-16-2020 CORRECTED-Semaglutide effective against nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in phase-2 trial
11-13-2020 Semaglutide effective against nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in phase-2 trial
11-12-2020 Risk factors can help spot people who need hep D screening
11-04-2020 Bezafibrate improves itch in patients with cholestatic diseases
10-28-2020 Combination checkpoint and VEGF inhibitors now first-line treatment for advanced liver cancer
10-28-2020 Sarcopenia does not worsen survival after shunting for refractory ascites
10-12-2020 Hep B liver cancer risk comparable with tenofovir, entecavir
10-07-2020 NAFLD closely tied to diabetes risk
10-05-2020 Newer antidiabetic drugs linked to improved liver enzymes, steatosis
09-28-2020 High-dose digestive enzymes prevent NAFLD after pancreaticoduodenectomy
09-21-2020 Liquid biopsy might help detect, manage liver cancer in the future
09-03-2020 Fluorescent cholangiography could prevent bile duct injury during laparoscopic cholecystectomy
08-25-2020 Serum hep B virus RNA levels useful when deciding when to stop treatment
08-21-2020 Blood test can spot patients with NASH at risk for progressive liver disease
08-20-2020 Donor-derived HIV superinfection rare following transplant
08-19-2020 Liver disease common after Fontan procedure
08-06-2020 Antiviral combo shows early promise against HCV in pregnancy
08-05-2020 Nivolumab-ipilimumab combo appear helpful in biliary-tract cancers
08-05-2020 REFILE-Nivolumab-ipilimumab combo appear helpful in biliary-tract cancers
07-28-2020 Liver injury linked with worse COVID-19 outcomes
07-14-2020 Tool helps predict bile duct cancer recurrence after resection
07-13-2020 HIV infection may impact sensitivity of rapid diagnostic tests for HCV
07-08-2020 Guidance on managing liver dysfunction during COVID-19 pandemic
07-07-2020 Interventions could reduce racial disparity in neonatal kernicterus
07-07-2020 Hepatotoxicity tied to remdesivir COVID-19 treatment
07-06-2020 Older hep C patients may remain at risk for HCC even after viral clearance
07-03-2020 Thyroid function tied to mortality in NAFLD
07-02-2020 Liver fibrosis tied to ventilator need in COVID-19
07-01-2020 Mild liver enzyme increases seen in COVID-19 patients in China
07-01-2020 Liver complications common with COVID-19
06-24-2020 Adjuvanted viral-vectored vaccine promising against hepatitis C in early trial
06-17-2020 Many discarded livers could be safely transplanted
06-09-2020 Scientists make human mini-liver from induced pluripotent stem cells
05-28-2020 MELD score disadvantages women on the liver transplant waiting list
05-27-2020 Liraglutide interferes with beta-blockade for variceal bleeding prevention
05-26-2020 Patients with IBD may see health improvements with Mediterranean diet
05-22-2020 More severe COVID-19 in patients with liver fibrosis
05-15-2020 Pre-existing liver disease tied to higher COVID-19 risks
05-14-2020 Worse COVID-19 outcomes with liver injury at presentation
05-11-2020 'Striking' drop in organ transplants seen with COVID-19 pandemic
05-07-2020 Toxin-associated fatty liver disease common in 9/11 first responders
04-30-2020 Light-to-moderate alcohol consumption tied to increased type 2 diabetes risk with NAFLD
04-23-2020 Abnormal liver test results common in COVID-19
04-21-2020 Liver function tests often elevated in COVID-19
04-16-2020 'Minor' iatrogenic bile duct injuries can have major consequences
04-15-2020 Hepatitis C cases rising in young adults
04-14-2020 Preemptive therapy best for preventing CMV after liver transplant
04-11-2020 REFILE-Obese patients with NAFLD may have lower cirrhosis risk after bariatric surgery
04-10-2020 Obese patients with NAFLD may have lower cirrhosis risk after bariatric surgery
03-24-2020 Intensive program prevents COVID-19 in patients with decompensated cirrhosis
03-24-2020 Two-step screening strategy for biliary atresia in newborns shows promise
03-19-2020 Adjuvant radioimmunotherapy may boost survival after liver-cancer surgery
03-19-2020 Resection of liver metastases tied to longer survival in breast cancer patients
03-11-2020 Low-dose aspirin cuts risk of hepatoma, liver-related death in hepatitis patients
03-11-2020 Liver injury common with COVID-19
03-09-2020 Liver antioxidant response impaired in obesity-associated insulin resistance
03-02-2020 USPSTF recommends testing all U.S. adults aged 18 to 79 for hep C
02-27-2020 Heart failure risk with NAFLD may be explained by obesity
02-21-2020 Study shows sharp increases in U.S. alcohol deaths, especially among women
02-18-2020 New score identifies patients at risk for progressive nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
02-12-2020 Injected heroin use still high in U.S., may explain HCV infection rate
02-11-2020 Radiology subpecialties differ in advice on incidental liver lesions
02-07-2020 Many patients with NAFLD should be screened for liver cancer, experts say
01-29-2020 NAFLD common among young adults in UK
01-17-2020 Lower hepatoma risk with earlier ALT normalization during HBV treatment
01-09-2020 'Excellent' long-term outcomes for recent pediatric liver-transplant recipients
01-07-2020 Clopidogrel appropriate for PCI in liver transplant candidates
12-18-2019 Hepatitis D virus coinfection boosts HBV healthcare costs
12-13-2019 Obeticholic acid reduces fibrosis in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
12-06-2019 No survival difference between re-resection, percutaneous RFA in recurrent HCC
09-30-2019 Number of hep B booster doses needed to restore seropositivity depends on antibody titers
09-24-2019 Guideline recommends direct-acting antivirals for HCV in people with kidney disease
09-16-2019 Supercooling might extend preservation time of human livers for transplant
09-12-2019 Alcohol taxes not close to covering cost of drinking harms in the U.S.
07-04-2019 DOACs better choice for Asian patients with AF and liver disease
07-03-2019 Epigenetic events can promote liver regeneration in mice
07-01-2019 Weight loss support helps people with fatty liver disease
06-27-2019 Study shows major real-world impact of cervical cancer vaccines
06-26-2019 Vets with PTSD at increased risk of death from suicide, accidents
06-19-2019 Liver donation for transplant misunderstood, underutilized
06-17-2019 VBI hepatitis B vaccine meets main goals in late-stage trial
06-11-2019 Levels of liver fat biomarker tied to metabolic benefits of exercise
06-11-2019 Early TIPS improves outcomes in cirrhosis with variceal bleeding
06-10-2019 'Liquid biopsy' for pediatric fatty liver disease on the horizon
06-05-2019 Laparoscopic on par with open surgery for colorectal-cancer liver metastases
06-03-2019 Vedolizumab likely unhelpful for extra-intestinal manifestations of IBD
05-28-2019 New therapy improves survival in hepatoma with portal-vein invasion
05-27-2019 Cirrhosis, cancer risks higher with NAFLD- especially in diabetics
05-20-2019 Rare pregnancy complication linked to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
05-17-2019 Sunday is 'Hepatitis Testing Day'
05-13-2019 Reanalysis of tenofovir study changes some findings
05-07-2019 Worse outcomes for patients not achieving sustained viral remission after HCV treatment
04-25-2019 Gilead's NASH drug fails to meet late-stage study goal
04-12-2019 Novo Nordisk and Gilead team up to test fatty liver disease treatment
04-11-2019 Clusters of autoimmune liver disease suggest environmental trigger
04-08-2019 US liver cancer deaths more common with less education
04-04-2019 Fecal microbiome signature detects cirrhosis in nonalcoholic fatty-liver disease
04-03-2019 More heart, lung transplants possible with therapy to clear Hep C from donor organs
04-01-2019 WHO criteria for chronic hep B miss patients in Ethiopia needing treatment
03-28-2019 Aspirin use tied to reduced liver-cancer risk in chronic hepatitis B
03-26-2019 Closer adherence to guidelines would help prevent kernicterus
03-20-2019 Liquid biopsy spots early liver cancer in patients with HBV infection
03-04-2019 REFILE-Stopping oral antiviral therapy in chronic hep B possible for some people
03-01-2019 Model finds bariatric surgery cost-effective in NASH
02-28-2019 Stopping oral antiviral therapy in chronic hep B possible for some people
02-21-2019 Whole grains might help protect against liver cancer
02-18-2019 DAA use tied to fewer liver cancers, lower mortality in patients with HCV
02-12-2019 Heavier red meat consumption tied to higher NAFLD risk
02-12-2019 Gilead misses key goal in NASH liver disease trial, shares sink
02-04-2019 Adult vaccine recommendations change for flu, hepatitis A and B
01-28-2019 Fibrosis markers tied to mortality after liver cancer surgery
01-25-2019 Newly-diagnosed cancer patients may benefit from hepatitis screening
01-24-2019 New index predicts liver-transplant survival in patients with high MELD scores
01-23-2019 Long-term liver transplant survival worse with alcoholic liver disease
01-22-2019 NAFLD in adolescent boys improves with low sugar diet
01-08-2019 Task force reaffirms advice on HBV screening in pregnant women
01-07-2019 Merck loses bid to revive $200 mln Gilead verdict at U.S. high court
01-02-2019 Liver nurses help spot liver disease in primary care
01-02-2019 Pegbelfermin improves non-alcoholic fatty livers in mid-stage trial
12-31-2018 Hep C infection may be on the rise among men using PrEP
12-27-2018 Hepatitis C treatment linked to reduced CVD risk
12-26-2018 Prevalence of HCV infection varies widely across U.S.
12-19-2018 Cirrhosis a 'silent epidemic' in young adults, women
12-12-2018 Longer breastfeeding tied to lower risk of NAFLD
11-27-2018 Roche buys U.S. biotech Jecure in race for liver disease drugs
11-26-2018 REFILE-Alcohol consumption cutoffs do not identify gastric bypass patients with alcohol problems
11-26-2018 Alcohol consumption cutoffs do not identify gastric bypass patients with alcohol problems
11-23-2018 In half of hepatitis C patients, DAA treatment can shortened to 6 weeks
11-13-2018 Screening, brief behavioral counseling can reduce unhealthy alcohol use
10-30-2018 Routine monitoring unneeded for most patients on oral dermatophyte therapy
10-29-2018 Novartis, Pfizer join forces on potentially lucrative fatty liver disease
10-26-2018 HCV core antigen cost-saving alternative for diagnosing hepatitis C
10-10-2018 "Compelling" evidence of link between aspirin use, lower hepatoma risk
10-04-2018 Lower liver-cancer risk seen with tenofovir treatment of chronic hepatitis B
09-28-2018 Chronic allograft injury common among pediatric liver-transplant recipients
09-27-2018 Alnylam's gene-silencing drug shows efficacy in late-stage trial
09-24-2018 Gilead to launch generic versions of its hepatitis drugs
09-24-2018 Neonatal phototherapy tied to small increased risk of seizures in boys
09-24-2018 Liquid biopsy shows promise for monitoring, detecting liver disease
09-20-2018 Primary liver transplant may best drainage in infants with biliary atresia
09-19-2018 REFILE-Time to revisit the PELD score for donor liver allocation, researchers say
09-18-2018 Viking shares surge after fatty liver drug trial
09-17-2018 Time to revisit the PELD score for donor liver allocation, researchers say
09-17-2018 Filtered sunlight shows promise for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia
09-04-2018 Severe NAFLD boosts liver cancer risk
09-04-2018 Nalbuphine may be option for opioid-induced urine retention
09-03-2018 More with acute alcoholic hepatitis receiving liver transplants
08-28-2018 Liver-fibrosis regression seen after hepatitis C cure
08-23-2018 Oklahoma Medicaid tests new tactic to curb U.S. drug costs
08-22-2018 Life expectancy declines seen in U.S. and other high-income countries
08-21-2018 Age no limit for perihilar cholangiocarcinoma resection
08-13-2018 Hep C 'cure' doesn't eliminate liver cancer recurrence
08-09-2018 Gut-microbiome biomarkers identify early hepatocellular carcinoma
08-08-2018 Preop antivirals may curb early recurrence of HBV-related HCC
08-08-2018 Even light drinking may make fatty liver disease worse
08-07-2018 Hepatitis C-infected kidneys safely transplanted into uninfected recipients
08-02-2018 Direct antiviral therapy of hep C may not boost hepatocellular-carcinoma risk
07-18-2018 Alcohol-related liver failure deaths rising among U.S. young adults
07-12-2018 Weekly ciprofloxacin noninferior to daily norfloxacin for preventing bacterial peritonitis
07-10-2018 HCV-positive kidneys cost-effective for HCV-positive recipients
07-06-2018 Social support may unduly influence transplant candidacy
07-03-2018 CARTO effective for refractory hepatic encephalopathy
06-26-2018 REFILE-Long-term HIV viral suppression tied to lower cancer risk
06-15-2018 Insurers increasingly deny coverage for all-oral hepatitis C regimens
06-12-2018 Sofosbuvir-velpatasvir-voxilaprevir effective in previously treated chronic hep C
06-12-2018 Israeli company Galmed gets positive trial results for liver drug
06-11-2018 Long-term HIV viral suppression tied to lower cancer risk
06-06-2018 Bezafibrate normalizes indicators of biliary cholangitis in some patients
06-06-2018 ERCP during lap chole tied to best outcomes for choledocholithiasis
06-05-2018 Chinese herb prolongs recurrence-free survival after curative resection of HCC
06-04-2018 Pre-op avatrombopag curbs platelet need in patients with liver disease
06-01-2018 Hemostatic powder can help stanch acute variceal bleeding
05-30-2018 Abstinence interval before liver transplant shorter now for some alcoholic patients
05-24-2018 BRAF mutations tied to post-surgery prognosis in colorectal liver cancer
05-21-2018 Dova Pharma's thrombocytopenia drug gets FDA approval
05-18-2018 Extrahepatic manifestations of chronic hep C improve with sustained virological response
05-18-2018 Richter's Esmya drug may have contributed to liver damage cases-EMA
05-16-2018 Fatal overdoses in U.S. increasing pool of transplantable organs
05-16-2018 Course of nonalcoholic fatty liver worse in black youth
05-02-2018 Seatbelts may protect against severe liver injury
05-02-2018 Rates of HCV screening low among children exposed in pregnancy
04-27-2018 Dietary improvements may prevent NAFLD
04-26-2018 Radiation segmentectomy a potential curative therapy for liver cancer
04-24-2018 Drinking alcohol may boost oral bacteria tied to disease
04-18-2018 Normothermic machine perfusion preserves organs for transplantation
04-18-2018 How healthy is too healthy? EU warns about green tea supplements
04-17-2018 Quick portable test could widen reach of HCV diagnosis
04-17-2018 Eplerenone improves some metabolic indices in HIV
04-16-2018 Organs from overdose-death donors a viable option for transplant
04-13-2018 REFILE-Acetaminophen overuse spikes during cold and flu season
04-12-2018 'Well done' red meat linked to liver disease, insulin resistance
04-11-2018 Liver-transplant donors have few complications, good outcomes
04-02-2018 Glecaprevir/pibrentasvir treats hepatitis C in HIV-coinfected individuals
03-29-2018 Acetaminophen overuse spikes during cold and flu season
03-28-2018 Resection bests chemoembolization in selected liver cancer patients
03-26-2018 Age-alcoholism interactions may harm the brain's frontal cortex
03-26-2018 Chemoembolization plus radiotherapy improve liver cancer survival
03-07-2018 Tenofovir fails to add extra hepatitis B protection for vaccinated newborns
03-05-2018 Antivirals may prevent chronic HCV in recipients of infected donor kidneys
03-01-2018 African-Americans less likely to respond to direct-acting antivirals for hep-C
02-26-2018 Subthreshold newborn phototherapy limits readmissions for that treatment
02-22-2018 Young men's drinking tied to later liver disease risk
02-08-2018 Special Report: U.S. body brokers supply world with torsos, limbs and heads
02-08-2018 People on liver transplant waitlist may be no worse off if they have used marijuana
02-07-2018 U.S. FDA approves Gilead's Biktarvy triple HIV drug
02-07-2018 CORRECTED-Living-donor liver transplantation has long-term advantages in children
02-07-2018 Living-donor liver transplantation may benefit children
02-06-2018 Key changes highlighted in adult, pediatric immunizations
01-31-2018 Primary gastrinomas in the liver uncommon, but warrant aggressive resection
01-31-2018 Global cancer survival rates improve, but wide gaps remain
01-23-2018 Patient reminders, recall interventions improve immunization rates
01-22-2018 'Misperceptions' keep some from agreeing to donate organs after death
01-12-2018 Microbiome targeting with nicotinic acid may improve insulin sensitivity in obesity
01-11-2018 TPIAT benefits some patients with chronic pancreatitis
01-05-2018 Children with liver transplants often don't stick to their meds
12-29-2017 New scoring model may predict liver graft failure after transplant
12-29-2017 Special Report-In a hospital ward in Yemen, the collapse of a nation
12-28-2017 Adjunctive rifampin not beneficial for Staph aureus bacteremia
12-27-2017 Non-invasive tests for NAFLD are unreliable in South Asians
12-27-2017 Hepatitis B vaccination rates subpar in patients with HIV
12-22-2017 Opioid crisis trims U.S. life expectancy, boosts hepatitis C - CDC
12-19-2017 Patient-specific guidance for opioid use after inpatient general surgery
12-19-2017 Decellularized human placenta useful for liver tissue engineering
12-15-2017 SPECIAL REPORT-At a hotel near you: Cadavers in the banquet room
11-30-2017 New score may have prognostic value in severe alcoholic hepatitis
11-30-2017 CORRECTED-Nanotech, gene editing used to edit cholesterol gene-US study
11-29-2017 Bodybuilding products sold online may be mislabeled or unsafe
11-29-2017 Cancer patients near end of life have disrupted sleep-wake cycles
11-28-2017 WHO fears deadly diphtheria outbreak among Rohingya refugees
11-24-2017 Drug resistance-associated substitutions identified in HCV genes
11-23-2017 Fatty liver linked to a shrinking brain
11-23-2017 FDA scientists provide rationale behind Vosevi indications
11-23-2017 New guidelines support use of laparoscopic liver surgery
11-23-2017 Three coffees a day linked to more health than harm - study
11-22-2017 Liver resection feasible, effective for less common metastases
11-21-2017 UK experts offer guidance on use of liver blood tests
11-21-2017 Under pressure in diabetes, Novo Nordisk steps up focus on obesity drugs
11-20-2017 Experts identify best practices for HBV screening, vaccination
11-20-2017 Elevated liver cancer, death rates with immune-tolerant-phase chronic HBV
11-15-2017 Lab screening of kids entering foster care may have low yield
11-15-2017 Atrial fibrillation has four distinct clinical phenotypes
11-14-2017 FDA warns against using kratom for opioid addiction
11-14-2017 Fecal-microbiota transplant shows promise for moderate-to-severe IBS
11-10-2017 Psoriasis tied to higher risk of serious liver disease
11-10-2017 Hormone treatment for transgender youth appears safe
11-10-2017 Radiotherapy no better than sorafenib for inoperable liver cancer
11-07-2017 Cutting back on alcohol can prevent cancers: experts
11-03-2017 Primary care program cost-effectively reaches underserved with HCV infection
10-31-2017 MSF charity secures generic hepatitis C drugs for $1.40 a day
10-31-2017 SPECIAL REPORT-In warehouse of horrors, body broker stacked human heads
10-31-2017 U.S. drug pricing watchdog gets funding to expand efforts
10-26-2017 Some GI disorders get disproportionate share of U.S. research funding
10-26-2017 Salivary Klebsiella species can inflame the gut
10-24-2017 Herbal and dietary supplements often mislabeled
10-24-2017 SPECIAL REPORT-In the market for human bodies, almost anyone can sell the dead
10-23-2017 Direct-acting antivirals cut risk of liver cancer
10-17-2017 Fatty liver disease fastest-growing reason for transplants in young U.S. adults
10-12-2017 "Compelling need" for HIV prevention in people over 50
10-05-2017 Do direct-acting antivirals curb the long-term effects of chronic HCV infection?
10-02-2017 Safety of primary anastomosis for severe diverticular peritonitis confirmed
09-28-2017 Quantitative imaging predicts microvascular invasion in hepatocellular carcinoma
09-28-2017 Androgen receptor plays a role in Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpes
09-28-2017 Early remission rare with standard treatment of pediatric UC
09-28-2017 Medicines to control drinking lack high-quality evidence
09-25-2017 Ontario's policy on organ donation after circulatory death boosts transplants
09-22-2017 Novelion's Aegerion resolves U.S. drug probes for $40 million
09-22-2017 How safe are various systemic therapies for pediatric psoriasis?
09-21-2017 FDA warns of death, liver injury risks from Intercept's drug Ocaliva
09-19-2017 Statin use tied to lower mortality in alcoholic cirrhosis
09-18-2017 Thyroid function starting at age 50 tied to life expectancy
09-11-2017 Pregnancy in Wilson disease safer with treatment
09-11-2017 Indian kidney traders smuggle donors to Egypt to beat strict donation rules
09-07-2017 Drinks industry distorts alcohol cancer risk
09-07-2017 Extent of remnant liver ischemia may predict survival after colorectal liver metastases
09-04-2017 Heart benefit of alcohol not seen in NAFLD
09-01-2017 Tryptophan levels may reflect IBD activity
08-31-2017 New magnetic device forms small-bowel anastomoses
08-31-2017 Noninvasive test may detect worsening fibrosis in some psoriasis patients on methotrexate
08-30-2017 Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease epidemic increasing greatly
08-28-2017 Gilead to buy Kite for promising cancer therapies in $12 billion deal
08-28-2017 Risk for pouch cancer not elevated after ileal pouch-anal anastomosis for UC
08-25-2017 Smartphone app might allow outpatient newborn screening for jaundice
08-18-2017 Sleeve gastrectomy may be better than gastric bypass for NASH patients
08-18-2017 Shorter anti-HCV regimen effective in patients with or without cirrhosis
08-16-2017 Biomarker-guided radiotherapy dosing shows promise for high-risk liver cancer patients
07-28-2017 AbbVie's drug for all types of hepatitis C wins EU approval
07-26-2017 More deaths with Dynavax vaccine but overall rate low - FDA
07-26-2017 Dynavax hepatitis B vaccine works; raises safety issues -FDA
02-14-2017 Tool tells when to stop phototherapy for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia
07-13-2016 Soda and other sweet drinks tied to risk for some rare cancers
05-23-2016 Large studies link phototherapy to increase in childhood cancers
04-07-2016 Transcutaneous bilirubin decision rules miss infants who will need phototherapy
04-05-2016 FDA staff finds Intercept's liver drug effective as monotherapy
11-17-2015 U.S. announces lawsuits against makers of Jack3d, other dietary supplements
09-02-2015 Kidney recipients, donors want info on each other's health
05-13-2015 Tenofovir monotherapy effective for entecavir-resistant HBV
04-02-2015 Tenofovir monotherapy effective for adefovir-resistant chronic hepatitis B
11-21-2014 Europe gives green light to AbbVie hepatitis C medicine, others
10-20-2014 Transcutaneous bilirubin underestimates total serum bilirubin early after phototherapy
10-20-2014 Vaccines do not cause MS, other demyelinating diseases
04-22-2014 Agomelatine as effective as other antidepressants, better tolerated
03-20-2014 Geron says FDA halts patient enrollment in another cancer trial


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