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12-18-2020 Noninvasive fibrosis tests predict clinical, patient-reported outcomes in advanced NASH
08-22-2018 Life expectancy declines seen in U.S. and other high-income countries
11-15-2017 Atrial fibrillation has four distinct clinical phenotypes
05-12-2017 Genetic marker may predict clinical recovery in advanced hep C cirrhosis
12-05-2014 Hepatitis B virus flares common in postpartum period
12-03-2014 Healthcare workers might not need HBV booster vaccines
11-26-2014 FDA declines to approve Bristol-Myers hepatitis drug
11-12-2014 Plastic stents problematic during chemo for pancreas cancer
10-28-2014 Hepatitis C core antigen accurately diagnoses acute HCV infection
10-24-2014 Okay to breastfeed while taking lamivudine or tenofovir: study
10-21-2014 Direct antiglobulin titer strength important in managing ABO-heterospecific newborns
10-20-2014 Transcutaneous bilirubin underestimates total serum bilirubin early after phototherapy
10-17-2014 Observing liver hemangiomas yields important prognostic information
10-16-2014 Non-selective beta-blockers protective in liver transplant candidates
10-10-2014 U.S. FDA approves Gilead's all-oral hepatitis C drug
08-26-2014 REFILE-Study favors aggressive management for common bile duct stones
08-05-2014 Short-term outcomes of laparoscopic, open hepatectomy similar
08-04-2014 Express Scripts drops Amgen anemia drugs from formulary
08-01-2014 HCV, not HIV, associated with inferior kidney transplant outcome
07-31-2014 Liver transplant more than just "swapping out a carburetor"
07-30-2014 Express Scripts plans to narrow specialty drugs list further
07-29-2014 Cholangitis slows liver increase after portal vein embolization
07-25-2014 Nomogram estimates hernia repair riskiness in patients with ascites
07-24-2014 REFILE-Early childhood hep B vaccine gives long-term protection
07-23-2014 Liver transplant recipients want more power to choose their organs
07-21-2014 Oral drug combo effective for hepatitis C with HIV coinfection
07-16-2014 Early childhood hep B vaccine gives long-term protection
07-08-2014 For possible common duct stones, do intraop cholangiogram before ERCP: study
07-02-2014 HCC screening advised for high-risk patients with chronic liver disease
06-30-2014 Transdiaphragmatic excision of simultaneous lung and liver mets shows promise
06-30-2014 In patients on methotrexate, noninvasive tests might help avoid liver biopsy
06-11-2014 Simeprevir regimens for HCV effective, less complicated: studies
06-03-2014 CORRECTED-Sunlight is OK for neonatal jaundice, provided UV rays are filtered out
05-29-2014 Screen high risk people for hepatitis B: USPSTF
05-29-2014 Sunlight is OK for neonatal jaundice, provided UV rays are filtered out
05-27-2014 Kaiser program dramatically cuts vertical hep B transmission
05-21-2014 Urine test improves detection of alcohol use in liver transplant patients
05-15-2014 Excessive calories from snacking increase liver fat
05-13-2014 Bariatric surgery reduces problems associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
05-09-2014 Boceprevir combo helpful in compensated HCV cirrhosis
05-06-2014 High-dose steroids don't improve outcome of biliary atresia surgery: study
05-06-2014 Pregravid gamma-glutamyl transferase linked to gestational diabetes risk
05-06-2014 Recombinant Factor VIIa can curb variceal bleeding in cirrhosis
05-05-2014 Studies find high response rates against HCV genotypes without interferon
04-30-2014 Better survival after partial hepatectomy for resectable multiple hepatocellular carcinoma?
04-29-2014 One third of Americans mixing supplements with meds: study
04-22-2014 Agomelatine as effective as other antidepressants, better tolerated
04-21-2014 Improving feelings of control may curb desire to drink
04-16-2014 Stenting for bile duct cancer increases liver volume
04-08-2014 Adiponectin predicts subclinical atherosclerosis in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
04-07-2014 Index gauges liver disease in hemorrhagic telangiectasia
04-02-2014 Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease linked to procoagulant imbalance
04-02-2014 Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease linked to procoagulant imbalance
03-28-2014 Glycerol phenylbutyrate improves hepatic encephalopathy outcomes
03-26-2014 For ocular melanoma mets to liver, intrahepatic fotemustine disappoints
03-26-2014 For ocular melanoma mets to liver, intrahepatic fotemustine disappoints
03-19-2014 Ribavirin effective against post-transplant chronic hepatitis E
03-04-2014 Short delivery delay not harmful in low platelets syndromes
03-04-2014 Clinical applications of Magnetic Resonance Elastography growing
03-04-2014 Timing and targeting key to advance care planning discussions
03-04-2014 Radiofrequency ablation safer but less effective than surgery for early HCC
01-01-2014 HCV treatment improves heart, renal outcomes in diabetics
12-24-2013 Cinnamon might help in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
11-29-2013 Telaprevir effective for treating advanced hepatitis C
11-28-2013 Simple strategy detects early portal hypertension in asymptomatic patients
11-26-2013 Livers from 'donors after circulatory death' work well in children


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