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About the Chronic Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF)
The Chronic Liver Disease Foundation, Inc. (the "Foundation") is a nonprofit corporation recognized as tax exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). The Foundation is comprised of leading hepatology specialists committed to raising awareness of the effects of chronic liver disease ("CLD") and sharing latest insights and analyses with the global healthcare community and patients.
The mission of the Foundation, therefore, is to provide health care professionals and patients with the most current information on CLD through educational and outreach programs. These programs are designed so physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, pharmacists, and all other similar healthcare providers have information about the latest medical developments and their implications for patient care.
The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees and all Trustees serve without compensation. All grants received by the Foundation go towards educational and outreach programs.

From time to time, the Foundation may seek donations, grants, or other similar funding from governmental agencies, nonprofit corporations and associations, and for-profit companies that provide products and services for those with CLD. These funds allow the Foundation to support its educational programs and content without fee and in furtherance of its mission. The Foundation's acceptance of funds from any supporter is not an endorsement, advertisement, sponsorship, or promotion of any product or service manufactured, distributed, offered, or sold by that supporter. Further, no pharmaceutical or medical device company influences or directs any of the educational programs or content provided by the Foundation.

The Foundation does not engage in any lobbying or other legislative activity that advocates for any policy change with regard to a product or service manufactured, distributed, offered, or sold by a pharmaceutical or medical device company.

The Foundation was established solely to advance educational and charitable purposes. The Foundation has set high ethical standards for its Trustees, officers, advisors, and employees, including, among other things, by using the Foundation's funds prudently, taking measures to act with integrity, and adhering to a conflict of interest policy.

The Foundation engages a large group of leading faculty experts to deliver educational updates on behalf of the Foundation. For a full list of the Foundation advisors, please click here.


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The Chronic Liver Disease Foundation is a non-profit organization with content developed specifically for healthcare professionals.
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