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About CLDF | 2023 GI Fellow Board of Advisors
Ahmad Abu-Heija, MD
Detroit, MI
Elizabeth Aby, MD
Minneapolis, MN
Divya Ayyala, MD
Los Angeles, CA
Bryan Badal, MD
Richmond, VA
Saroja Bangaru, MD
Los Angeles, CA
Suzanne Elshafey, MD
New York, NY
Nghiem Ha, MD
San Francisco, CA
Michael Harring, MD
Fairfax, VA
Cory Higley, MD
Chicago, IL
Brian Horwich, MD
New York, NY
Angela Hsu, MD
Irvine, CA
Alan Hutchison, MD
Chicago, IL
Alyson Kaplan, MD
New York, NY
Mary Khiew, MD
Washington, DC
Nathan Kim, MD
San Francisco, CA
Jonathan Lin, MD
Dallas, TX
Rebecca Loh, MD
Philadelphia, PA
Karan Mathur, MD
Detroit, MI
Nellie Najafian, MD
Los Angeles, CA
Nabil Noureddin, MD
San Diego, CA
Maricela Rangel-Garcia, MD
Irvine, CA
Jose Russe, MD
Baltimore, MA
Aalam Sohal, MD
Seattle, WA
Jessica Strzepka, MD
Chicago, IL
Jared Travers, MD
Cleveland, OH
Eugenia Uche-Anya, MD
Boston, MA
Yun Wang, MD
Ann Arbor, MI
Debra Yen, MD
Cincinnati, OH


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